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Tailor Made

Tailor Made

A fashion exec makes classic and quirky fit beautifully in his Delaware bungalow.

Lived-In Style

Here today, gone tomorrow doesn't cut it for Memo Faraj. As a fashion industry executive, he steers clear of "fast fashion." Look around his old Colonial home in Milton, Delaware, and it's clear he also avoids "fast interior design." The decor is a thoughtfully collected mix of pieces that have staying power, such as classic ship paintings and vintage globes.

Memo credits his shopping and decorating savvy from watching his parents design and alter clothing for their tailor shop. "They taught me to never settle for the ordinary, and to pay attention to details and craftsmanship," he says. "My parents always had the mindset that if you're going to live with something, you should love it so much you'll enjoy it for years to come."

Vintage globes on mantle in traditional living room.
ABOVE: Vintage globes and an astronomy poster reflect Memo's fascination with "everything related to our planet." He rushed out for the dresser in the nook when he learned it was half price, only to find it was an inch too big for his car. U-Haul to the rescue!
Nautical framed paintings on stairway wall.
ABOVE: Some of the vintage ship paintings that line the stairway were online buys. Memo snags deals by searching under less common terms such as "schooner" or "clipper."

That philosophy flourished as Memo began hunting at flea markets and consignment stores, as well as online, to outfit the home he dubbed "Memo's Bungalow." He focused on pieces that reflect his passions and that have personality. Ship paintings, pieces of coral and shades of blue give the home a classic but moody nautical feel. "I get lost in the stories of seascapes," Memo says. "Maybe I was a sea captain in another life."

Along with the timeless pieces, there are quirky finds, too, such as the monkey wearing a fez that sits on an end table in the den. It's all part of Memo's plan to create a home that's uniquely him. "A space is a much better reflection of someone's taste and personality when it doesn't look generic," he says. "The combination of different moods, genres and styles inspires me."

Dining table with vintage accessories.
ABOVE: A coral-filled cloche on the dining table is "a great way to show off a collection—beautiful at every angle," Memo says. A 1950s hobby ship adorns a wall.
"I want people to feel at home. Having items with a bit of nostalgia does that." —Memo Faraj
Memo Faraj in his laundry room.
ABOVE: Memo updated his laundry room with moody paint colors and vintage finds. The portrait on the wall reminds him of his grandmother.

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RESOURCES Learn more about Memo on his website here and follow him on Instagram @MemoFarajStudio. You can even shop with Memo @lecabinetofcuriosity.