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All About that Base

All About that Base

Turn sugar bowl lids into charming holders for vintage love notes and more.

Lived-In Style
Vintage sugar bowl lids turned into photo or place card holders.

FLIP YOUR LID. Snap up orphaned sugar bowl lids at a flea market for a song, then turn them into charming label holders to mark "decaf" and "regular" coffee at a Valentines's Day Buffet—or to show off a love note on a breakfast-in-bed tray. Simply twist wire around a pen to form the label holder; twist other end around a lid's knob (see below).

HOW TO: Gather baling wire, a wire cutter, needle-nose pliers and a fine Sharpie marker. Cut the wire to the desired length. Ki's secret to the perfect (or at least pretty darn near-perfect!) circle loops that hold the photo or ephemera is to use the pliers to wrap the wire several times around the marker. Easy!

PHOTOS & STYLING Heather Bullard

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