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Always an Adventure

Always an Adventure

After traveling the world, a young family puts down roots and fills their townhouse with a fresh mix of finds.

Lived-In Style

Lisa Mehydene has always loved vintage, thanks to a grandma who rummaged at vintage markets. But her appreciation for old things rose a few levels after she and her husband left London for Dubai and then Singapore. "Living abroad and traveling frequently meant I was exposed to lots of unique home wares," Lisa says. "The experience definitely inspired what is in my home."

When the couple, who by then were parents to twins Milla and George, moved back to London, Lisa filled her home with a worldly high-low mix of vintage and new. "Friends would come over and always ask where I had found pieces," Lisa says. Her travels and knack for decorating inspired a new adventure: She opened edit58, her online interiors shop, where she sources unusual vintage and new items at affordable prices.

These days, with kids to raise and a business to run, adventures happen closer to home. A museum or gallery in the city may be the family's destination. Even then, Lisa is curating. "My husband always jokes that I head to the museum shops first," she says. "They're the perfect place to pick up postcards or interesting bits and bobs to dot around my house. They're a treasure trove."

Take a tour of Lisa's artful and kid-friendly home, below.

Wisteria forms a canopy at the entrance gate to a three-story brick Georgian townhouse.
ABOVE: Wisteria forms a canopy at the entrance gate to the three-story brick Georgian townhouse.
Kid's room with white walls and graphic typography artwork.
ABOVE: White walls are a clean backdrop for artwork in son George's bedroom (and throughout the house). Lisa is drawn to graphic typography, a nod to her days in advertising.
Kid's bedroom with old dresser and vintage style bed. Dresser drawers painted in pastel colors.
ABOVE: An old dresser with drawers painted in pastel colors inspired the airy look in daughter Milla's bedroom. Lisa chose the bed for its vintage style.
Kid's bedroom with refurbished wardrobe and thrifted dollhouse, repainted.
ABOVE: Lisa loves a good deal when it comes to decorating kids' rooms. She snagged the wardrobe for $28 on eBay and the dollhouse for $11 from a thrift store. She refreshed both pieces with paint.
"Our home is full of pieces from people we love and places we've been. That's what makes me so happy."
—Lisa Mehydene
Living room with lime green velvet sofa, modern yellow chair and vintage accessories.
ABOVE: In the living room, a yellow chair from a shop in Singapore finds a sunny spot. Lisa calls the lime-green velvet sofa that has traveled the world with the couple "the best decision ever."
Open living and dining room space with a mix of vintage and modern furniture and accessories.
ABOVE: The open living/dining areas combine vintage and modern. "The old helps a space feel lived in, but that's balanced with new pieces that add an interesting juxtaposition," Lisa says.
Vintage apothecary cabinet used for storing small candles and stationary.
ABOVE: The vintage apothecary cabinet from a London pharmacy seemed tailor-made for the recessed space between the living and dining areas. Lisa loves the drawers for storing her small obsessions, such as candles and stationary.
Dining room featuring a traditional portrait and clean-lined modern furniture.
ABOVE: A traditional portrait contrasts with clean-lined modern furniture in the dining area.

PHOTOS Kristy Noble/Narratives
WORDS Jody Garlock

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