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Can-Do Planters

Can-Do Planters

Turn cool old cans into hangable baskets using a clever trick with your drill.

Lived-In Style

Perk up the porch or patio with pretty little planters stuffed with pansies and other spring favorites. This easy project comes together with some wire, a drill and a little imagination.

Flowers planted in old tins with twisted wire handles.

DO THE TWIST. Intertwined wire handles turn cans into basket-inspired planters. To make the handles, place the ends of two pieces of 16-gauge wire in a vise and the other ends in the chuck of a drill. Press the drill button, and twist away! Drill holes for handles, insert twisted wires and bend up the ends, using pliers to secure them. Drill drainage holes in the bottoms of the cans, plant them and hang. Note: If you prefer to display them as baskets on a table, you'll need to raise them slightly and set them on a tray so that draining water doesn't damage the table surface.

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