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Tabletop Tidings

Tabletop Tidings

Make mini-tree magic the vintage way and spread good cheer throughout the house.

Lived-In Style

It just doesn’t feel like the holidays until there’s a tree. And while towering timbers are sure to impress, tiny versions pack an equally joyful decorating punch. Dress up the dining table, spruce up a sideboard or deck the hallway console with these scaled-down tributes to a Christmas classic.

Different sizes of galvanized oil funnels stacked into the shape of a Christmas tree as holiday decor.

FUNNEL VISION. A junk tree doesn't get much easier or cuter than this: Simply stack different sizes of galvanized oil funnels. Look for varied styles of funnels for the grouping; the "ruffled" tree bottom was a happy find at an antiques mall.

A well-loved teapot cradles potted myrtle as holiday decor.

TEA TIME. For an extra-special tree, use a family heirloom as a planter. This well-loved teapot cradles potted myrtle, which is easy to find during the holidays. Add more meaning with Grandma's (or any favorite) cookie cutter used as a topper.

Vintage feather tree with ribbon twirling around it.

SILVERY TWIST. This vintage feather tree with ribbon twirling around its boughs sparkles in its simplicity. The fun is at the base, where ornaments strung onto monofilament wrap around the pot and pool onto the tabletop to create the illusion of gifts under the tree.

Supersized pinecones standing upright in pewter vessels as holiday decor.

WINTRY FOREST. Stand super-sized pinecones upright in pewter vessels (ones with patina add to the rustic look), tuck in greenery sprigs and sprinkle with artificial snow for a delightful display. Dried orange peel and apple stars used as toppers continue the nature theme.

PRO TIP: Display the trees on backdrops of vintage tea towels, table runners or fabric scraps.

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